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Welcome to Twin Cities Action Shooting

We are an approved member club in good standing with the International Defensive Pistol Association and a member club of the National Rifle Association. We host IDPA Pistol and 3 Gun matches. We welcome and encourage new shooters of all levels to come out and shoot with us.

*** Attention New Shooters ***
here for more detailed information on what action you must take before you can start shooting with us.

Helpful Links: Questions? Contact our New Shooter Director, John Sawina at jsawina@twincitiesidpa.com or our Membership/Match Director, Stewart Thompson at sthompson@tcactionshooting.com.

Results from the 7/20 Match here

      CDP Champion:  Josh Froelich    Marksman 108.50 (38)
      ESP Champion:   Chris Vandenberg    Expert 91.54 (24)
      SSP Champion:   Scot Benneweis    Sharpshooter 86.02 (14)

      High Senior:  Johann Boden    SSP - Master 91.38 (28)
      High Lady:   Lauren Pack    SSP - Unclassified 154.85 (59)
      High Industry:  Johann Boden    SSP - Master 91.38 (28)
      High Military:  Johann Boden    SSP - Master 91.38 (28)
      High Distinguished Senior:   Dennis Falaas    SSP - Sharpshooter 132.18 (37)
      Most Accurate:   Mike Hosko Jr.    SSP - Unclassified 98.26 (11)